At the moment we don’t offer long term lease for taxi or similar services.

MOOVE ON  services are available to everyone – companies, small enterpernaurs or familes. For each group gets custom financial offers and additional services.

Please contact us. Choose you desired car model and MOOVE ON services. To sign a contract you need  to provide the particular payment insurance. You don’t need any upfront payment. Getting your mobility solution is easy and fast.

MOOVE ON is part of Grand Automotive Group, offical Croatian distributor and sale point for Hyundai, Ford and Infiniti brands. Additionaly you can choose any other vehicle brand.

Inovative MOOVE ON solutions are available to both companies and private citizens.

Yes, complimentary car service can be part of you mobility solution.

Road assistence, including repairs and vehicle transfer to service station is essential part of MOOVE ON mobility solutions.

Vehicle fuel expenses, traffic tickets, parking tickets, road toll and any damage to the vehicle not covered by insurance are not part of MOOVE ON solutions.

No, you only get one invoice for all services and all costs defined by your contact are the same every month.

No, you don’t need any upfront payment.

No, there are no additional fees for processing request like in bank, leasing or similar finacial service.

We offer various car brands and flexible opportunites to our customers. You can change your vehicle after first 12 months of contract. You will get a new calculated monthly fee for your new car.

All vehicles offered in MOOVE ON mobility solutions are maintained and serviced in manufacture opproved service stations. Car parts are genuine and approved by manufacture.

Maximum mileage is 200.000 km during 60 months.

The minimum mileage is not defined. It depends on your needs and desires.